Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your answers can be found in our website. However, feel free to email or call hotline +6010-212 7878 should you have further questions that could NOT be found in the website.

1. What is ? (About)

2. Do I need to open an account to make a purchase? Yes, you need to register an account to make a purchase. (Register)

3. How do I place an order? (How BB Works)

4. How do I make payment? Is it safe? Yes, of course. (Payment Method)

5. Where is my order? (Parcel Tracking)

6. How do I return/ exchange/ refund an item? (Shipping & Returns)

7. May I work for BB? Yes, we do offer position for internship (Career)

8. I would like to get more customers by selling my products on BB, how? (Feature your Business)

9. Is it safe shopping with you? (Privacy Policy)

10. I would like to earn some pocket money, how? We have 2 options for you, through our affiliate program (Affiliate Program) or buy at wholesale price and start your own business (BB Entrepreneurship Program).

11. Do I get any reward by shopping with you? (Loyalty Cashback)

12. How to use Loyalty Cashback ?

Loyalty cashback/ e-Cash/ Birthday Treats awarded to Members are issued in the form of store credit. You can simply click on your checkout to use it by key in the code.

13. Do you have other promotional campaign?

Yes, we do offer discounts from time to time in the form of coupon code. Simply type this coupon code number into the allocated field upon checkout to have the credit amount deducted from your retail price.

Know How To Use The Vouchers!

General Terms & Conditions

How will I know the expiry dates for the vouchers?

Physical Vouchers
The expiry date is stated on the voucher itself

The expiry date is stated on the email that the voucher code was sent in

How many times can I use the same voucher?

Vouchers are generated for one time use only, unless stated otherwise on the voucher’s terms and conditions.

Can I use more than one voucher for the same transaction?

Unfortunately only one voucher can be used for each transaction.

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend?

This information would be available on the voucher’s T&C at the back of the physical vouchers and in the email of the e-voucher.

Store credit validity

Store credit works like a voucher and is valid for a period of 365 days from the time it was issued, unless stated otherwise.

Is my Loyalty cashback/ e-Cash/ Birthday Treats transferable?

Yes, it is transferable but the intended person must have an account with BB in order to use it.


13. Could I buy your products at wholesale price? Yes, through our (BB Entrepreneurship Program).

14. Do you have a physical office or warehouse? Yes, we are a registered business in accordance to the Registration of Businesses Act 1956 Malaysia and it is located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

15. Could I self-collect my item? Yes, you may, but you will need to call +6010-212 7878 or email us at to set an appointment. After setting a time and date, we will let you know the pick-up location.

16.  Do you provide gift wrapping services? Yes, kindly contact or call hotline +6010-212 7878. There will be additional charges for the gift wrapping services.