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FITLINE Activize Oxyplus GERMANY 175g
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FITLINE Activize Oxyplus GERMANY 175g

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SKU: FITLINE Activize Oxyplus
Weight: 175 grams
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Brand: Fitline
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♥Product Description♥

Fitline Activize Oxyplus gives you an instant energy boost. This will be the start of a great day full of energy.

Recommended for people who are looking to gain more and better performance during the day.

Our body needs oxygen and nutrients to perform. Fitline Activize makes sure your body will be able to perform better. It stimulates the oxygen consumption of your body and gives your body cells a huge energy boost. You will feel both physical and mentally better, you will feel more energized. You can feel it within several minutes. This product is daily consumed ,world wide by many, many people. From Top Athletes, till people who are of going to work to do their regular jobs. Fitline Activize will support you everywhere and anytime, both physical and mentally.

Like all the products from Fitline, the Fitline Activize contains the NTC. The NTC is able to generate real fast and remarkable energy. This is the reason why Fitline’s products are so special. There is no other kind of products that has these unqiue qualities. No other product can generate this fast, this amount of energy! Of course all products from Fitline are pure natural. Besides that, the Fitline products contain many patents.

How does Fitline Activize work?

Our body cells need oxygen and nutrients to generate energy, so that you can perform. The more oxygen and nutrients your body has, the better the energy output is. This is exactly where Fitline Activize takes care of. It gives your body cells an instant power boost via healthy nutrients and makes sure your body will have a better oxygen consumption. You can compare it with a fire. The more oxygen and ‘right’ fuel the fire has, the better it will burn.

Fitline Activize contains 8 different vitamins B and vitamins C. Vitamin B3 is very important when it comes to energy generation process. Besides the fact that this product stimulates the nerve system , it makes sure you have a bigger concentration while doing your daily jobs.

♥Results/ Benefits from the product usage♥

  • Improved oxygen consumption for the cells
  • Reduction of fat mass is stimulated
  • Enhanced focus
  • Mental and physical energy boost
  • Contains 8 different vitamins B and C
  • Optimal energy conversion
  • Contains guarana-extract, which stimulates mental performance
  • Capacity: 175 gram; for 30 days

♥Key Ingredients/ Nutritional Facts♥

Glucose, Steviol glycoside, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Niacin, Citric acid, Biotin, Algae powder, Pantothenate, Beetroot Powder, Guarana Extract Powder, Folic Acid.

♥How to Use ♥

Dissolve 1 teaspoon in the morning with 200 to 250 ml of water or another beverage at choice. For an ideal result you can use this product with Fitline Basics. You can take the Fitline Activize Oxyplus whenever your body needs an energy boost.

Note: Fitline Activize Oxyplus can cause a red flush of the skin. Don’t panic, this is completely normal. In fact this proves that the Activize Oxyplus does its job. This product contains vitamin B3. This vitamin is vasodilating. This can cause some red skin. However the red skin will disappear after a few minutes.

♥Product Weight (kg) / Specification♥

Weight : 175g

Size     : 9.00 (Length) x 6.00 (Width) x 6.00 (Height)