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MENARD EMBELLIR Washing Cream Japan Beauty 122ml (1 tub)
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MENARD EMBELLIR Washing Cream Japan Beauty 122ml (1 tub)

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Brand: Menard
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Product Description

MENARD is a Japanese leading skincare brand since 1959. MENARD EMBELLIR is a premium line of skin care that is designed for the sophisticated women who seeks splendour beauty of her face, delivering gentle protection and rejuvenation. It intensively nourish and moisturize the skin leaving wrinkles in the past. Embellir restores skin youth and radiance right from its first application.

Are you looking for a 'Washing' cream cleanser, which can do away all your make-up and impurities without stripping your skin of moisture? Yet, a cleanser that leaves your skin moist and supple for hours?

MENARD EMBELLIR Washing cream cleanser is the solution to all your quests, that foams to luxuriuosly divine creamy lather with the finest quality making make-up and impurities removal such an easy job. Its dense elastic foam also kills dead skin cells, preparing your clean and clear skin for the absorption of moisture and ready for next treatment.

♥Results/ Benefits from the product usage♥

 Easily remove make-up & impurities.
 Restores skin suppleness. 
 Acts against aging symptoms, result in velvety smooth skin.
 Improves the absorption of the next treatment items.

♥Key Ingredients/ Nutritional Facts♥

Red Reishi and Black Reishi (Moisturising Ingredients): precious herbal medicines that enhance the vitality of cells, resulting in youthful and beautiful skin.

Black Reishi (Ganoderma Sinense) Extracts: prevents genes aging and extends cells' life by revitalizing them. It is effective in eliminating waste products built up in cells during the aging process. It also suppresses the shortening oftelomere (the chromosome which determines the life of a cell), caused by ultraviolet rays and free radicals.

Red Reishi (Ganodrma Lucidum) extracts and BRG-N ( Bifidobacterium Longum Repair Gene): repair the DNA damaged by UV rays and free radicals. It also improves the energy generation capacity of cells which have withered with age.

Maltitol Laurate, Surcose Laurate (Cleansing ingredient)

Water, Chlorella extract, hydrolyzed lecithin, palmitic acid, glycerin, extracts of black and red Reishi extract, Pueraria root, fermented collagen, myristic acid, wheatgerm oil, aloe Barbados.

♥How to Use ♥

Lather an adequate amount of cleanser on the palm well with a bit of (lukewarm) water forming delicate bouncy foam before applying onto your face. The purpose is so that the micro bubbles become so fine, that they are able to deep cleanse your skin tiny pores thoroughly. Then, cleanse your face in circular massage motions and rinse off thoroughly with water.

♥Product Weight (kg) / Specification♥

Volume : 122ml

Weight : 130g

Size : 6.50 (Length) x 4.70 (Width) x 16.20 (Height)