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NATURAL SENCE Pueraria Breast Enlargement Supplement Switzerland Beauty (2.0g x 30 sachets) 1 box
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NATURAL SENCE Pueraria Breast Enlargement Supplement Switzerland Beauty (2.0g x 30 sachets) 1 box

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Product Description:

Feel shy to wear swimsuit, no cleavage and have to depend on padding to create that sexy curves?

Saggy breasts after childbirth?

Your nipple turn darker color, not pink anymore?

Forget about the risky, painful and costly PLASTIC SURGERY that leaves you scar, we offer you the NATURAL, EASY and SAFE method to ENLARGE your BREASTS.

You will start to see results after 2 weeks consumption…amazing results awaiting you - younger skin, firmer & larger breasts!

Grow your breast naturally…while at the same time, get the glowing skin you deserve.

It's time to say "Goodbye to Old Bra, Say Hello to New Bra" :)

Effective to: 

  • Enlarge Small Breasts
  • Firm Sagging Breasts
  • Tone Breasts
  • Even Out Undefined Shape of Breasts
  • Restore Nipple Pinkiness

NS Pueraria is a 100% natural herbal medicine that support and enhances the natural female breast firmness & breast enlargement.

NS Pueraria works like no other breast-enhancing technique because it results in a completely natural and efficient results – safely and inexpensively. You will feel confident knowing the breasts that everyone in the street is admiring are really yours – not padding or silicone implant.

It is also to relieve conditions such as recovery from surgery, charasma clearance, irregular menstruation and menopause symptoms. Development of the mammary tissues and helps enlarge the breasts by lengthening & branching the ducts that connect to the nipple. It increases the fatty tissue and ligaments around the breast that provide support and shape.These ducts branch out from the nipple into the interior of the breast, ending in clusters of the lobules, resulting in fuller and firmer breasts. It also maintains the collagen and stimulates development of new cells in skin, which improves the breast skin and maintains a natural look.

Results/ Benefits from the product usage:

Bust Enhancement Tester Results of NS Pueraria: 

This tester results indicate up to 80% tester getting therapeutic effects after intake Skin Renew NS Pueraria.

No. of Tester Result

Usage per day 800 mg/Day 

Breast Enlargement 82.35%

Breast Firmness 88.23%

Healthier Menstruation 29.41%

Increase Vaginal Secretion 85.29%

Healthier Hair 88.23%

Skin Recovery 32 94.11%

Mammary Pain 32 94.11%

Key Ingredients/ Nutritional Facts :

Root of Pueraria mirifica is traditionally known for its tonic properties. It is also long known that, in higher dose or for long term use, it may cause breast enlargement.

It contains a tiny amount of “miroestrol” a potent natural phytoestrogen, along with other phytoestrogens found in soybean. Miroestrol stimulates specifically the receptor site at human mammaliam gland, which will lead to breast enlargement. 

Direction of Use :

To ensure getting better result from NS Pueraria, keep on taking until 3-6 months. Take 1-2 sachets of NS Pueraria per day after meals with a large amount of warm water, preferably fresh milk as a calcium source. 

Product Weight (kg) / Specification:

(2.0g x 30 sachets) 1 box